Saturday, 11 February 2017

Bespoke diamond bubble ring!

Do you have any pieces of old jewellery that is not your style? or maybe you inherited it and want to hold onto the sentimental value it has. Our recycling service allows you to have a piece of bespoke jewellery created to your style whilst reusing your old jewellery.

The commission below from just before Christmas was for a bespoke bubble inspired ring made from 18ct white gold with diamonds. The customer had several old inherited rings that held a lot of sentimental value. We decided to take reuse the diamonds from the old rings and put them into the new bespoke ring.
This ring is a great example of how our bespoke jewellery service and our recycling services can work together to create a beautiful piece of jewellery!

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Beautiful dragonfly pendant!

With our bespoke jewellery services we are able to work with your ideas and designs to create your ideal piece of jewellery. From ideas and thoughts in your head or visual ideas such as drawings or photographs we can work with all your information to create your perfect jewellery!

The photos below are from a recent commission for a uniquely styled dragonfly created from silver for a pendant. The pendant was created from a hand drawn design with a chain attached to the end for an extra added detail to the design. This simple dragonfly turned out great and it's size, design and detail creates the perfect statement piece!

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Bespoke heart pendant!

Our bespoke jewellery service is a great way to create a piece of jewellery inspired or created around a pieces of jewellery your already have.

A perfect example of this was the recent commission below. The customer wanted to create a heart pendant that fit over his key ring. The idea was that the key ring would sit within the heart. The heart was designed around the key ring and created in silver, the heart was then turned into a pendant and engraved to compliment the engraving on the original key ring. The pendant turned out great and it's unique shape made it one of a kind!

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Triangle opal ring!

Our bespoke engagement ring service allows you to have your dream ring made into reality. From all shapes, sizes, designs, stones, and materials we aim to create your ideal ring to suit all your requirements.

One of our recent engagement rings we made was a triangle opal set in a yellow gold ring. The shape and stone made this ring truly unique and looked great against the yellow gold! The images below show the start of the process to the final end result!

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Custom made infinity necklace!

Infinity is a very popular style of jewellery today. The infinity meaning & what it represents, make them the perfect piece of jewellery for weddings or as gifts for someone special.

The images below show some of the processes to create this recent commission for a bespoke infinity pendant.
With the customer we went over several different ideas & styles of infinity until they decided on two silver rings, one slightly bigger than the over interlocked together.
The two circles were cut out of silver and linked together, the pendant was then constructed together and the infinity was engraved with stars & date to add a sentimental touch. A pearl was finally added to the end of the chain fastening at the back to make the back more pleasing.

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Bespoke crosses in hoop earrings!

Our bespoke jewellery service covers everything from rings to earrings, new to recycled & silver to gold.

The commission below was for a pair of bespoke hook earrings. The request was for a pair of mini silver crosses hanging in the centre of silver ovals with five small diamonds.

The process began by creating two small crosses & ovals by hand from silver, the crosses were then attached to the top of the ovals to hang perfectly in the centre, finally they were created into earrings and sent to be set with diamonds.

Depending on the complexity of your jewellery design our bespoke jewellery can take several weeks for the final result, However some designs can be created sooner!
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Five diamond eternity ring!

Have you already got your engagement & wedding ring? But looking for something new, or you have seen a design you would love to have made into another ring? Our eternity rings are a great excuse to get another beautiful ring!
With our bespoke jewellery & engagement ring service we are able to create your perfect ring!

The commission below was for a half eternity ring with a yellow gold band and five amazing diamonds set in platinum.

Interested in having a ring custom made just for you? Click here for more details about our bespoke service.

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