Saturday, 5 November 2016

Champagne sapphire engagement ring!

Depending on the style of engagement ring you are after it can take longer to create, our engagement rings usually take 6-8 weeks to complete however they can be done sooner. If you are looking to have an engagement ring custom made for the Christmas holidays we advise you inquire now for a better chance of receiving it in time for when you need it for.

The beautiful engagement ring below was created from platinum, with a diamond halo setting and diamonds set down the sides and a champagne sapphire centre. The overall outcome of this commission turned out great! The soft champagne coloured sapphires worked perfectly with the design of the ring.

For more information about our engagement rings click here. Photos of previous engagement rings we have made can be seen on our Facebook page here.

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Bespoke infinity ring!

Our bespoke jewellery service is a great way to replicate your existing jewellery. whether you have lost your favourite piece of jewellery or want a replicate of a piece of jewellery that is too sentimental for you to wear with the risk of losing it.

The customer below wanted to have a replacement ring made for herself as she had lot her original ring that was bought for her as a gift off her parents.Working alongside the original design we was able to create a ring that resembled aspects of the ring. We created a silver ring with infinity symbols down the sides with the letter S in the centre. The customer was extremely pleased to finally have a ring inspired by her old one, which gave the new ring some sentimental value.

Interested in the idea of a piece of bespoke jewellery? More information about our service can be found here.

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Book now for our 2017 wedding ring workshops!

Our wedding ring workshops will be running during selected months throughout next year. It is a perfect way to experience what it is like to work in a jewellers environment whilst learning some of the basic jewellery making skills which you then use to create your own wedding rings! You can create your wedding bands in silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow, white or red gold.

The photos below are from two couples who recently took part in our wedding ring workshops.

Click here to find out when our next available workshops are. We advise you book as soon as possible to ensure you get the date best suitable for you.

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 Marta & Steve

 Sarah & Ben

Twisted engagement ring with diamonds & sapphires!

The commission below was for a twisted engagement ring with blue sapphires and diamonds. The customer sent over the design she had in mind. We was able to get the ring CAD to match the design she desired. The ring was then cast in platinum. The photos show a before and after look of what the ring looked like before it was finished and set with the stones. The ring turned out amazingly! The two blue sapphires brought a pop of colour which complimented the diamond centre. The twisted designed made it truly unique and the chunky ring made in platinum gave it a good quality appearance.

For more information about our bespoke engagement rings, click here. You can also see examples of previous engagement rings we have made on our Facebook page here.

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143 pendant gift!

There is nothing more special than a personal thoughtful gift. Bespoke jewellery is a perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you by designing a piece of jewellery especially for them.

The commission below was for a silver pendant with the numbers 143. Which stands for 'I love you'. We started by engraving the numbers onto a sheet of silver then cut around it. It was then finished and attached to a silver chain. The pendant turned out great with a lovely message behind it.

Looking for a piece of bespoke jewellery to gift someone? Click here for more details. Remember the sooner you inquire the faster it can be created to ensure you have it in time for when you need it by. We are currently taking commissions for Christmas. Don't miss out! You can email us here.

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Star pendant turned into ring!

Our repairs & alterations along with our recycling service, we are able to take your existing jewellery and transform it. Whether it is melted down to create something completely new or taking elements of the original piece and combine it into a new piece of jewellery. Not only is this a great way to save a bit of money but a lovely way to hold onto any sentimental value it may hold for you, whilst creating an updated piece of jewellery suited to your current style and taste.

The photos below are from a customers commission, she started off with a diamond star pendant that she wanted to have made into a ring. We was able to take off the pendant and create a yellow gold band to sit the star. This is a simple but effective way of altering your jewellery to create something new!

Fancy the idea of transforming your old jewellery into a new bespoke piece? Click here for further details.

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Men's bracelet with engraved cube with pearl

Are you looking for the perfect men's jewellery gift for someone?

Why not have it custom made to their ideal requirements and preferences. Our bespoke jewellery service not only covers women's jewellery be we are also able to create men's jewellery.

The commission below was from a lady who wanted to gift her husband on their 30th wedding anniversary with a bespoke bracelet. She wanted to incorporate a pearl as it represented their 30th anniversary and the date they married. After going over ideas we came to up with the idea of creating a chain bracelet with 2 small silver cubes at the end near the clasp, with a dark pearl set on top of one of the cubes, and their wedding date engraved around the second cube.

For more information about our bespoke jewellery click here.

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