Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bespoke Valentino Rossi number 46 pendant!

Our bespoke jewellery works perfectly for people who have a certain interest. Whether its music, TV, film, or sports. Jewellery is a great way to capture you passion! Why not surprise someone special with their favourite hobby or interest in the form of bespoke jewellery!

The pendant below is a perfect example of how a passion can be taken to create the perfect piece of custom made jewellery. The customer commissioned a pendant of the 46 pictured below. This particular 46 design is the number of the Italian motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi. The customer wanted to gift the pendant to his wife who is an avid fan of Valentino Rossi, and would go watch racing around the world, for her 50th birthday.

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Engraved ring pendant with silver daisy centre!

Do you have an idea for a piece of bespoke jewellery, whether it is a brief idea, or you know exactly what you want. We are can help you to create your perfect piece of jewellery. Working with your design ideas, and any images you have we can help design your jewellery to suit all your requirements!

The pendant below was made for a customer last month who had previous taken part in one of our wedding ring workshops. She commissioned a custom made silver daisy pendant as a gift.
We came up for the design of a small silver daisy with a 9ct yellow gold centre hanging with a silver ring with engraving around the outside of the ring.
The daisy was engraved onto a plate of silver, then cut out and domed slighted to give it more life. It was hung within the centre of the ring with the silver chain. The pendant was finished off with engraving saying 'give me your answer do' around the ring.

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Shaped wedding ring workshop!

If you have a large or unusual shaped engagement ring, most times you will still be able to take part in our wedding ring workshops. We will able able to discuss beforehand the best options for creating your wedding ring to sit next to your engagement ring. Wish bone & curved wedding rings are usually the best option for larger engagement rings.

Rebecca & Christopher pictured below took part in one of our wedding ring workshops in August. Due to the size of Rebecca's engagement ring we decided she would have a curved shaped wedding ring to sit perfectly around her engagement ring. They both created their beautiful wedding rings in silver & Christopher did a brilliant job on creating the curve on Rebecca's wedding ring.

More information about our wedding ring workshops can be found here. If you are interested in booking a workshop feel free to email us here.

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Pendant gift for bride to be!

The commission below was from one of our customers Ronnie, he had taken part in one of our wedding ring workshops back in July, with his bride to be Andrea. In the workshop he created her wedding ring in 9ct red gold.
He came back recently to request a bespoke pendant to be made for Andrea as a gift for her on their wedding day. He wanted their initials 'AR' in a fancy font with a white pearl. He decided to go for a 9ct red gold pendant to compliment the red gold wedding ring he made her in the workshop. We created a couple of different designs for him to choose from, the one pictured below was the one he decided the liked the look of the best. The custom made pendant turned out lovely and will hold a lot of sentimental value in years to come!

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Ronnie & Andrea hard at work in the workshop back in July!

Vintage inspired platinum engagement ring!

Looking to propose during the Christmas holidays? Our bespoke engagement rings usually take up to 6-8 weeks to create however this all depends on how complex your ring is. It's never too early to starting thinking about their perfect custom made engagement ring in order for it to be ready in time for you!

Our most recent bespoke engagement ring commission from last month was for a 18 ct white gold engagement ring. With ideas of design picked out by the customer the ring was first created via computer aided design. The ring was going to be engraved with detail, so the ring was made thick and solid to hold the engraving. Intricate Victorian styled detail was laser engraved on both sides of the ring and around the setting. The ring was then set with a 0.76 ct diamond!

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Customers diamond set in bespoke heart pendant!

Our recycling service doesn't just cover recycling your metals, we can also take your diamonds and stones and re-use them when creating your bespoke jewellery. Recycling your old jewellery is a great way to keep hold of the sentimental value they may hold, whilst creating a new piece of jewellery suitable to your style & preference.

The commission pictured below was from a customer who took part in one of our wedding ring workshops the end of last year. We discussed that she wanted to re-use the metal and diamond from her old engagement ring to create a piece of bespoke jewellery. She decided to go for a solid heart with the diamond set in the centre. This was a great way to hold onto the sentimental value of her engagement ring in a necklace she can wear and cherish.

Do you have any old unwanted jewellery and think recycling is the best option for you? Feel free to email us here. For more information about our recycling service click here.

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Emerald & diamond ring resize!

The beautiful emerald and diamond engagement ring picture below was brought in the be resized and reshaped. The ring needed to be made smaller, this was done by cutting out a small chunk of gold from the back of the band, then bringing the band back together to make it smaller.
Depending on how complex you ring is, resizing rings usually takes around 2 weeks, however it could be done sooner or may take longer depending on the metal and how much resizing needs to be done.

Feel free to book an appointment with us to bring in your ring for resizing. You can book an appointment to see us here. For a map and directions for where to find us at our showroom click here.

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